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The Prince of Pranks

My new portrait of the icon that is Paul Lynde as Uncle Arthur from Bewitched. I'm excited to have him join my Oh, My Stars! series.

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This Show Is So Gay

Last week, I was interviewed by Ken Schneck for the full hour of his This Show is So Gay podcast! We talk Oh, My Stars!, TingleTangle, performing, classic pop culture, game shows...it's really fun!

Link to the interview: http://thisshowissogay.com/node/740


Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate the opening of Oh, My Stars! and to those of you who will be filling your homes with new art! I was thrilled to hear the vivid memories – and to be surrounded by the joy and laughter – that my work brought up.

The exhibit closes Sunday. I'll be there Saturday from Noon-2:00ish hanging out. I hope to see you there...and if you see something you want to take home: even better! Bewitched characters, Wonder Woman, The Golden Girls, Lucy, and many other pop icons from the '60s, '70s, and '80s await!

Maria Neil Art Project – Native Cleveland Annex
15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

RAY CASPIO: OH, MY STARS! Opens June 6th

Oh, My Stars!, my first solo illustration exhibit, will feature limited edition hand-signed pieces spanning the past six years of my illustration work. It opens June 6-22 at Maria Neil Art Project!

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 6, 5-10pm

Maria Neil Art Project

15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

Ray Caspio is an actor, performance artist and illustrator. He will be featured in the annex next to Native Cleveland with an exhibition of his drawings of some of the most memorable and entertaining women of vintage television. Get reacquainted with Laverne & Shirley, Maude, Wonder Woman, Alexis Carrington and Samantha Stephens through Ray’s intricate and fun drawings.

We’ll be partnering with Star Pop vintage + modern to show some fun items that compliment the art on display. Star Pop's vintage pieces are the perfect compliment to Ray's work!

Ray's biggest influences have come from '60s, '70s, and '80s pop culture. Growing up, television was his life and he was enamored with strong female characters, many of whom were funny, campy, and capable of superhuman feats; most of whom existed before he was born. Oh, My Stars! is the ongoing exploration of the personalities who have fascinated, shaped, and taught him since he first learned to twitch his nose in his grandma's front room while writing cursive L's on every page of his baby book.

The exhibition opens on June 6 and runs through June 22 and will be shown at the Native-Cleveland Annex between Native Cleveland and Star Pop.

The one drawing I have from my childhood, circa 1983!

Exhibited: Winterloo Art Mix @ Maria Neil Art Project

My TV character portrait series is on exhibit (and for sale!) at Maria Neil Art Project gallery's Winterloo Art Mix in Collinwood through December 22nd! This is my first exhibition of work!

You can buy hand signed 8"x10" prints of pieces such as Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan, Wonder Woman's Spin Transformation, Laverne DeFazio, Rhoda Morgenstern, And Then There's Maude, Oh, My Stars (Samantha Stephens), Lucy is the Queen of the Gypsies, and more! These are all specially designed for Winterloo Art Mix and make unique, personal holiday gifts...and you're supporting independent artists in the process!

Winterloo Art Mix also features the work of seven other artists who work in various media.

I'm thrilled to be a part of this and hope you make it to Maria Neil Art Project before December 22nd! Hours are below:

Every Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 5pm
Friday 11/1: 5-10pm
Black Friday 11/29: Noon-9pm
Friday 12/6: 5-11pm
Friday 12/20: 5-10pm

Gladys Kravitz

Available as a t-shirt or hoodie:

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Alice Pearce played Mrs. Gladys Kravitz, the woman who defined Nosy Neighbor, during the first two seasons of Bewitched. She died during production of the second season from ovarian cancer, having been diagnosed before the series began. She was only 48. Sandra Gould assumed the role of Gladys, and redefined her, for the remainder of the series. Sandra's Gladys is the one known for, "Abnah!"

Alice benefited from the quality of the writing during the first two seasons of the show. Her Gladys was given the opportunity to be a full person. The chemistry between Alice and George Tobias, who played her suffering husband, Abner, was perfection.

So, here she is. My favorite Gladys Kravitz, the human goose.

Bewitched: Oh, My Stars!

Available as a t-shirt: http://www.redbubble.com/people/raycaspio/works/8455010-oh-my-stars

I love Bewitched and I'm not afraid to admit it. If you've looked around this site at the various Bewitched illustrations, you've noticed. If you've looked around my kitchen at my Samantha and Serena statues, you've noticed.

Bewitched is the first TV show I remember watching. I cried when I had to start Safety Town as a kid because it was going to interfere with 11am episodes of Bewitched. It's one of the last shows I watched with my grandma – the episode was Samantha and the Beanstalk – before she passed away May 23, 2011. The day we got the key to our house in August 2011, I watched Bewitched DVDs on my computer while I prepped the house, alone, for painting. I've watched at least one episode daily since then.

The show is comfort and memory. The show is Elizabeth Montgomery, who will always be one of my favorite actors.
An early Bewitched illustration, drawn on the floor of my bedroom many, many years ago while watching the show.
Elizabeth, as Samantha, represented possibility to me. Anything I wanted, I could have if I worked for it. She had the magical abilities to obtain whatever she wanted whenever she wanted, but she wasn't satisfied with that. Her power was in herself: a theme that ran through many of her characters throughout her career.

With this illustration, I finally did Elizabeth justice. I captured what I hoped to capture.

I've been asked why I don't draw modern pop culture figures. Most of them bore me. Modern pop culture, essentially, bores me. I feel little connection to it. There's some stuff I like, but characters from the past interest me so much more. (But, if there's a modern characters someone wants drawn, feel free to e-mail me through the contact form on the side of the page!)

Elizabeth Montgomery doesn't bore me. The cast of characters from this show will never bore me because they're so much a part of me. Oh, my stars, I'm grateful for this show!

Update, March 10th: Last night, I signed the contract allowing more of my thoughts on Elizabeth to be published in an upcoming biography about her, Twitch Upon a Star, by Herbie J. Pilato. It's one of those weird moments where life comes full-circle.

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