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Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate the opening of Oh, My Stars! and to those of you who will be filling your homes with new art! I was thrilled to hear the vivid memories – and to be surrounded by the joy and laughter – that my work brought up.

The exhibit closes Sunday. I'll be there Saturday from Noon-2:00ish hanging out. I hope to see you there...and if you see something you want to take home: even better! Bewitched characters, Wonder Woman, The Golden Girls, Lucy, and many other pop icons from the '60s, '70s, and '80s await!

Maria Neil Art Project – Native Cleveland Annex
15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

RAY CASPIO: OH, MY STARS! Opens June 6th

Oh, My Stars!, my first solo illustration exhibit, will feature limited edition hand-signed pieces spanning the past six years of my illustration work. It opens June 6-22 at Maria Neil Art Project!

Opening Reception:
Friday, June 6, 5-10pm

Maria Neil Art Project

15813 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH 44110

Ray Caspio is an actor, performance artist and illustrator. He will be featured in the annex next to Native Cleveland with an exhibition of his drawings of some of the most memorable and entertaining women of vintage television. Get reacquainted with Laverne & Shirley, Maude, Wonder Woman, Alexis Carrington and Samantha Stephens through Ray’s intricate and fun drawings.

We’ll be partnering with Star Pop vintage + modern to show some fun items that compliment the art on display. Star Pop's vintage pieces are the perfect compliment to Ray's work!

Ray's biggest influences have come from '60s, '70s, and '80s pop culture. Growing up, television was his life and he was enamored with strong female characters, many of whom were funny, campy, and capable of superhuman feats; most of whom existed before he was born. Oh, My Stars! is the ongoing exploration of the personalities who have fascinated, shaped, and taught him since he first learned to twitch his nose in his grandma's front room while writing cursive L's on every page of his baby book.

The exhibition opens on June 6 and runs through June 22 and will be shown at the Native-Cleveland Annex between Native Cleveland and Star Pop.

The one drawing I have from my childhood, circa 1983!

My 2012 Calendar

Available now in my RedBubble store is my 2012 calendar featuring 12 of my favorite (and hopefully yours) illustrations! The Golden Girls, Jeannie, Bewitched characters (Serena, Endora, Samantha), The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman, Wonder Women, Big and Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens, and more! If you've been wanting to pick up some of my work, here's your chance to get 12, yes 12 original pieces of art in one collection! This calendar would also make a great holiday gift!

Click on the photo below to order your calendar of my work now!

The Bionic Woman: Jaime & Max

Available as a print or poster (Jaime & Max):  http://www.redbubble.com/people/raycaspio/art/4501130-1-jaime-and-max

Even though I'm a child of the 1980s, I found most of my heroes in reruns of 1960s and 1970s television shows.  They were all women.  One of those women is Jaime Sommers:  The Bionic Woman, played by Lindsay Wagner, who won an Emmy for her portrayal. I've never been one to enjoy the tired cliché of the alpha-male character.  Lindsay imbued Jaime with a strong sense of feminine energy, intelligence, understanding, and unending compassion that I feel is lacking from so many female heroes of today.  Jaime was part-superhero but all woman, often solving problems primarily with her mind instead of her Bionic parts.  Her Bionics weren't used to inflict violence.  She was a hero I could, and still do look up to, as well as Lindsay herself. In the third season of the series, Jaime got a Bionic Dog called Max (aka Maximillion/Maximillian).  That's who Jaime is running with in this illustration.  Running is, after all, Jaime's favorite way to de-stress, and dogs are great de-stressors.

I'm very happy to be reliving this great series through Region 2 DVDs as I continue my recuperation from three herniated discs.  It gives me Bionic Inspiration.

The Bionic Woman: Jaime & Max
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