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    Quinn Jaxon Sketch

    I was totally inspired to sketch model Quinn Jaxon, based on one of his photographs for the Andrew Christian campaign.

    Aside from being a gorgeous photo of a gorgeous guy, I was fascinated with the line going down the center of his back and the curve of his quadricep. All of his bodily curves captured so much sensuality and grace that I had to put him to paper!


    You're Gonna Make It After All

    Available as prints and clothing, starting at less than $4.00:

    Commissioned with the understanding that I could reuse the image, here is Mary Richards from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. 

    Want to commission a piece for yourself or someone you love (or someone you moderately care for)? Click here for more information!


    Theater Ninjas

    This year, I was named Associate Artistic Director for the revitalized Theater Ninjas, a position that happily allows me to continue freelancing in illustration and design.

    As Associate Artistic Director, I aid in the creation and implementation of programming, administrate the education series, perform, design, and write. 

    I was also instrumental in the rebranding and handle the illustration and design work, under the art direction of Jeremy Paul.

    The logo redesign – a collaboration between Jeremy and myself; the final drawn by me – incorporates the shape of the old logo through the abstraction of a ninja mask, while emphasizing the playful, nomadic resourcefulness of the company.

    Here it is on our business cards, followed by images I created for the 2012-2013 season:

     Marble Cities web banner: photography and design
     Marble Cities postcard: photography and design

    The Excavation: illustration and design

    Telephone: design


    Charles Chaplin Sketch

    Instead of writing how I feel about today.


    Wonder Woman: Unhampered by Masculine Destructiveness

    Available, starting at less than $3.00, as a card, print, or poster:

    The quote I depicted here is my favorite from the entire Wonder Woman TV series, from one of my favorite episodes: Fausta, the Nazi Wonder Woman. Fausta was one of the few episodes based on an actual comic book story, published in Comics Cavalcade #2. Often thought of as the third special of the television series – since it was the third to air – it was actually produced second and should be watched after the Pilot if you like any kind of continuity. <<...obsessive viewer...>>

    Fausta Grables (Lynda Day George), former Olympian and current Nazi – a natural progression – devises a mission to come to America in order to capture Wonder Woman and learn her secrets. She's successful, and attempts to convince her superior, Colonel Kesselman (Bo Brundin), of the truth-coercing abilities of the Golden Lasso. He, being a stubborn, arrogant, male Nazi, is having none of it. Wonder Woman, once bound by her own lasso, offers Fausta the following when asked, in front of Kesselman, "What makes you so strong?": 

    "On Paradise Island there are only women. Because of this pure environment, we are able to develop our minds and our physical skills, unhampered by masculine destructiveness."

    In the end, Wonder Woman reforms Fausta, who stays in Germany and becomes a double-agent.

    Unfortunately, the peaceful, advanced, intelligent interpretation of Paradise Island no longer exists in the DC Comics universe, where the Amazons are depicted as warriors, rapists, murderers – and also, an obliterated nation. It's unfortunate, but it's important to remember that for 70 years, the message of the true Wonder Woman was put out into the ether.