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    Wonder Woman Spins to YouTube and iPhones

    Available on RedBubble:

    My Wonder Woman's spinning around! First, on YouTube, in a video created by producer and editor, Paul K. Bisson:

    And, take a look at my Wondy on an iPhone case! Get your own here or click the image.


    Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan

    Available on RedBubble as prints, cards, hoodies, shirts, iPhone and iPad cases:

    I've been watching Dynasty the past few months: a show I haven't seen since I was a kid watching with my grandma. My obsession was immediate, so turn your head with a bitchy jolt and see Joan Collins as Alexis, one of my favorite characters in anything ever.


    Wonder Woman's Spin Transformation

    Available as prints, shirts, iPhone & iPad cases, postcards, stickers, and more, starting at less than $3.00:

    Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman spin transformation may be my favorite thing in superheroics, ever. It's been making me believe in magic, smile, and wish to be the best person I can be for 31 years. I'm not entirely sure why, but Wonder Woman's been in my head a lot lately: I suspect it has something to do with my birthday coming up next week.


    Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman Poster

    14"x17" Bristol Board
    Pencil, ink, Prismacolor pencils
    $250 plus shipping

    If you're interested in the piece, you can e-mail or contact me through the contact form on the right.

    I penciled and Kevenn T. Smith inked and colored this history of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman poster in 2002-2003. We've decided to part with the original artwork.

    In addition to Lynda's various Wonder Woman and Diana Prince looks, it contains many pivotal characters from the ABC/CBS series: Etta Candy, General Blankenship, Steve Trevor, Andros I, Andros II, The Zardor, Skrill, Joe Atkinson, Eve, IRAC, Rover, Gargantua, Hippolyte (Cloris Leachman), Fausta, Formicida, and Debra Winger as Wonder Girl.


    Laverne DeFazio

    Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio from Laverne & Shirley. Circa age two, I wrote the cursive L all over my baby book. That's all I really need to say.

    Available on RedBubble as prints, postcards, stickers, shirts, hoodies, and kids' clothes: