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    Code: Preludes

    Two weekends left! $10 tickets tonight!—2

    "Caspio stands out in his monologue later in the show; it seems he could read a description of the Heartbleed bug backwards and still be riveting."
    Christine Howey

    "This show is more than a play, it’s more than a performance art piece. It is something I personally have never experienced before, and I’m not sure how to even describe it. I can, however, wholeheartedly recommend that everyone go experience this ‘experience.’"
    Land of Cleve


    Tingle-Tangled in [sic]

    This weekend only, I'll be performing Tingle-Tangle immediately following Theater Ninjas' production of [sic] at 78th Street Studios! I'm excited about these performances for many reasons, one of which happens to be the beautiful compositions by Sean Ellis.

    Tickets are $10-$20 and available through Square or the Ninjas box office at (440) 941-1482.

    Click here for a wonderful interview I did with CellarDoorCLE's insightful Nikki Delamotte
    all about Tingle-Tangle and equality.

    Quoting Nikki, "Theater or non-theater fan, Tingle-Tangle is a really great piece for anyone who cares about the importance of equality and equal rights. (Hopefully, that includes you.)"

    Tingle-Tangle from Theater Ninjas on Vimeo.



    Song of Desire

    Laura Ruth Bidwell's exhibition, Song of Desire – in which I'm honored to be one of her subjects – opened tonight at the Gordon Square Arts District's 1point618 Gallery:

    "Captivated by the striking beauty, charisma, and strength of what the artist describes as 'the celebrities among us,' Laura Ruth Bidwell has produced a series of portraits that capture the experience of encountering and celebrating the extraordinary."

    To see the image catalogue, click here.

    The exhibition runs through March 7th.


    Gerard Christopher as Superboy

    PRINTS AVAILABLE: Contact me for more information

    Thanks to the Warner Archive, I've been watching The Adventures of Superboy. I remember seeing one episode as a kid when Superman didn't mean much to me and Wonder Woman was everything. Approaching this later, in a time when Superman kills in the cold, dark Man of Steel, I'm able to appreciate what Gerard Christopher brought to the role and the comic book vibe of this series.

    The episodes vary in quality and yes, often seem dated, but Gerard Christopher has an appealing, unique, compassionate energy as Supermanboy that makes the series worth watching and show why this character can be inspiring. When he took over the role after the first season from John Haymes Newton, whose portrayal was aggressive, angry, stiff and, well, intolerable, the show quickly improved and put Christopher near the top of my list of favorite actors to portray Superman.

    He's also the most beautiful.

    This piece was a personal challenge and evolved my work in terms of detail and subject matter that I'm eager to further explore. I can't wait to get it printed and hanging in my office...and on a t-shirt!

    PRINTS AVAILABLE: Contact me for more information


    In the Adorable Fur

    Available as prints, clothing, iPhone & iPad cases:

    Reruns of the 1960s Batman TV series introduced me to not only the Batman mythos, but the joy of balls-out camp, pop art, and the ethereal being that is/was Eartha Kitt: my favorite Catwoman. The way she smilingly spat or slinked her lines while heating up the screen enraptured me. She brought an energy to the show that was a complete change from Julie Newmar. She brought danger.

    Beyond Catwoman, I find her to be a fascinating performer; the type that rarely exists in our culture anymore. She's hard for me to write about because her work is unclassifiable in its originality. What I'll say is that she and the performances she left behind are complex and thrilling, and her soul baring bravery is inspiring.