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    Theater Ninjas' TingleTangle @ Guide to Kulchur

    Ray Caspio & Eric M. C. Gonzalez in TingleTangle. Photo courtesy of Theater Ninjas. Photographer Frank Lanza.
    June 1, 2002, I sat next to my grandma in the balcony at the Beacon Theatre in New York City and witnessed Liza Minnelli perform her "comeback" concert, Liza's Back. Liza was a performer who was fully alive, conversing with her audience, and living in the present moment: flaws and all. I set a goal for myself that night.

    Today, TingleTangle: the show I conceived and am performing in.
    Sexuality, gender, marriage equality.
    Sexy, hysterical, thought-provoking.

    Cleveland Centennial (David Hansen)
    Land of Cleve
    The Sound of Applause: NPR/WCPN 90.3 Ideastream interview with Dee Perry

    Theater Ninjas' TingleTangle is an evening of personal storytelling, gender-bending songs and no-punches pulled conversations about sexuality, gender, oppression, hate speech and compassion's transgressive power. An avant garde Muppet Show mixed with Weimar sex and danger. This cabaret-inspired performance responds to a conflicted, changing world, with love, empathy, humor and the desire to understand…not to mention some out-and-out desire!

    TingleTangle revels in the nuances of identity and how we all use performance to communicate our truest selves to the world. Forming TingleTangle’s core are monologues and songs by me, drawing on my experiences as a married gay man dealing with prejudice, identity, and acceptance. I am honored to work with a talented, generous ensemble of actors who perform original comedy sketches and interactive stories, with composition and live accompaniment by Eric M. C. Gonzalez.


    Limited seating, limited run! There is nothing else like this happening in Cleveland theater.

    Illustration by Ray Caspio
    conceived by Ray Caspio
    directed by Jeremy Paul
    original composition & arrangements by Eric M. C. Gonzalez
    featuring Ray Caspio, Katie Beck, Valerie C. Kilmer, Ryan Lucas, Dan Rand & Amy Schwabauer
    stage manager Kaitlin Kelly
    assistant stage manager & dramaturge Christina Dennis
    costume design Kevenn T. Smith
    lighting design Benjamin Gantose

    Theater Ninjas is the Food Truck of Cleveland Theater. We’re a nomadic company who seeks out new and exciting spaces to perform. Working in non-traditional venues gives us an opportunity to reimagine how and why we tell stories, and helps us to create deep, fascinating worlds for the audience to explore. We’re always experimenting; always rethinking what theater can be: as entertainment, as art and as out-of-the-ordinary experiences.


    Cleveland Scene's People 2014 Issue

    How exciting to be included amongst some pretty stellar company in Cleveland Scene's People 2014 issue!

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    She's Top Dog Around Here

    Available as prints and clothing at:

    The latest addition to Oh, My Stars! is Julie Newmar's Catwoman!


    Crew Magazine

    Thanks to Crew Magazine for this lovely surprise about Oh, My Stars! and my illustrations!
    "It’s great that Caspio has made it cool for younger gay men to access the language, style, and influence these ladies had on previous generations…"



    Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate the opening of Oh, My Stars! and to those of you who will be filling your homes with new art! I was thrilled to hear the vivid memories – and to be surrounded by the joy and laughter – that my work brought up.

    The exhibit closes Sunday. I'll be there Saturday from Noon-2:00ish hanging out. I hope to see you there...and if you see something you want to take home: even better! Bewitched characters, Wonder Woman, The Golden Girls, Lucy, and many other pop icons from the '60s, '70s, and '80s await!

    Maria Neil Art Project – Native Cleveland Annex
    15813 Waterloo Road
    Cleveland, OH 44110