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    Theater Ninjas Creative Expression Workshop at the LGBT Community Center

    Theater Ninjas Creative Expression Workshop
    Open to LGBTQ youth, ages 12-17
    Led by Theater Ninjas’ Associate Artistic Director, Ray Caspio
    E-mail Ray Caspio to register

    Monday, March 9th
    at LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland
    6600 Detroit Ave, Cleveland

    Participants will learn theater games and performance techniques to build confidence, awareness, and improve speaking skills while encouraging personal and creative expression.

    Please wear loose clothing you are comfortable moving in (no jeans) and tennis shoes!

    Ray Caspio is a performer, writer, illustrator, educator and a veteran of 18 original theatrical productions. His original work explores queer identity and the performer-audience connection. As Associate Artistic Director, Ray aids in the creation and implementation of Theater Ninjas marketing and programming. Ninjas’ credits include TingleTangle (conceiver & performer), Code: Preludes, The Excavation & Ninja Days @ the Cleveland Museum of Art, Black Cat Lost, Marble Cities, Monster Play, Inoculations and Telephone. Ray is a Teaching Artist for Theater Ninjas/PlayhouseSquare. He is the creator of the Uncle Toots web series, and starred in the multiple award-winning short film, Loss Prevention. He is trained in Alba Emoting, Michael Chekhov and Eccentric Performing. In May, Ray will perform The Turing Machine - { a Code Prelude }: a metaphysical take on the lives and death of Alan Turing, which he is co-writing with Jeremy Paul. His illustrations have been exhibited.

    Theater Ninjas is the Food Truck of Cleveland Theater. We’re a nomadic company who seeks out new and exciting spaces to perform. Working in non-traditional venues gives us an opportunity to reimagine how and why we tell stories, and helps us to create deep, fascinating worlds for the audience to explore. We’re always experimenting; always rethinking what theater can be: as entertainment, as art and as out-of-the-ordinary experiences.


    Theater Recognition for 2014

    Elated for the recognition my 2014 theatrical work with Theater Ninjas received from Cleveland press outlets:

    Sound of Applause's Best of Theatre 2014: for TingleTangle (at 23 minute mark)
    Cleveland Scene's Best Risk-Taking:
    for TingleTangle
    Tpography's Special Project Recognition: for TingleTangle
    Tpography's Best Actor (nomination): for "Turing" in Code: Preludes
    Land of Cleve's Top Theatrical Experiences: for TingleTangle



    Adam West's Batman shakes a mean cape!

    I'm feeling inspired after watching the entire Batman TV series on Blu-Ray. The colors, the absurdity, the fashion, the villains, the multi-layered performances, the bad performances, the fun!

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    Charles Chaplin

    Men are joining my Oh, My Stars! series!

    Here's Charlie Chaplin, The Little Tramp, in black and white and color, inspired by his performance in City Lights!

    Available in black & white through my RedBubble store on:

    clothing, prints, posters, cards, postcards, phone and iPad cases, mugs, pillows, tote bags, and duvet covers!

    Available in color: a hand-signed 8"x8" photographic print
    from my Oh, My Stars! series.

    Limited edition of 12.
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    TingleTangle Extended!

    Photo Frank LanzaTickets:

    "So don’t tarry. If you’re in the mood for a fascinating trip that will have you laughing out loud multiple times, get a zesty taste of gender and sexual transience in TingleTangle."
    - Christine Howey, Cleveland Scene and Rave and Pan

    “Presented in the creative context of a decadent Weimar-era cabaret – with its naughty period song list, bawdy humor and displays of nudity and sexuality – TingleTangle boils down to an intriguing personal journey with creator and featured performer Ray Caspio. It is a journey worth taking.“
    - Bob Abelman, Cleveland Jewish News

    "Ray Caspio...once again proves he is definitely an actor who is willing to take creative chances. ...intensely honest and unflinching...humorous, heartbreaking, and in many ways, heroic."
    - Land of Cleve

    "Ray Caspio...identifying pivotal moments in his sexuality that are painful, explosive, and heartwarming...opens his heart and his soul on this personal journey...Whether delivering slices of his life in dialogue or singing his emotional journey, the path of his sexual life is honest, beautiful, shocking, and inspiring. You have one more weekend of performances to go underground to reach your destination. You will come back up with a challenge to free yourself to be who you are."