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The Bionic Woman: Jaime & Max

Available as a print or poster (Jaime & Max):  http://www.redbubble.com/people/raycaspio/art/4501130-1-jaime-and-max

Even though I'm a child of the 1980s, I found most of my heroes in reruns of 1960s and 1970s television shows.  They were all women.  One of those women is Jaime Sommers:  The Bionic Woman, played by Lindsay Wagner, who won an Emmy for her portrayal.

I've never been one to enjoy the tired cliché of the alpha-male character.  Lindsay imbued Jaime with a strong sense of feminine energy, intelligence, understanding, and unending compassion that I feel is lacking from so many female heroes of today.  Jaime was part-superhero but all woman, often solving problems primarily with her mind instead of her Bionic parts.  Her Bionics weren't used to inflict violence.  She was a hero I could, and still do look up to, as well as Lindsay herself.

In the third season of the series, Jaime got a Bionic Dog called Max (aka Maximillion/Maximillian).  That's who Jaime is running with in this illustration.  Running is, after all, Jaime's favorite way to de-stress, and dogs are great de-stressors.

I'm very happy to be reliving this great series through Region 2 DVDs as I continue my recuperation from three herniated discs.  It gives me Bionic Inspiration.


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