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Peek at Cleveland Public Theatre's Pandemonium

Here is a gallery of photos from PEEK, a performance installation produced at Cleveland Public Theatre's annual fundraiser event, Pandemonium, this past Saturday. This was my first installation and third year performing at Pandemonium.

Reading from Carl Jung's Liber Novus (Red Book) outside of a bathroom – with Kevenn and Lauren observing me: one in drawing, the other in writing – made for quite an incredible experience. Not to mention the near constant audience over two hours we were fortunate to have!

Some press coverage:
Cleveland Magazine

A flirtation in oration and creation.
Produced by Ray Caspio
Performed and Designed by Ray Caspio, Kevenn T. Smith, and Lauren B. Smith
Special thanks to Faye Hargate, Joan Hargate, Ben Gantose, Beth Wood, and Raymond Bobgan

The Tale of the Name of the Tree

I'm honored to be playing "Ostrich" in Talespinner Children's Theatre's production of The Tale of the Name of the Tree, a Bantu Tale. Talespinner is Cleveland's newest professional children's theatre, and this is their inaugural production!

Running June 16th through July 8th
Fridays & Saturdays at 2PM & 7PM
Sundays at 2PM
Tickets: Ages 12 & under $10; Ages 13 & up $15
Group Rates Available!

Pay What You Can Performances:
Sunday, June 17 at 2PM, and Friday, June 22 at 2PM

Directed by: Alison Garrigan
Movement/Percussion: Najaa Young
Featuring: Ray Caspio, Elaine Feagler, James (Jack) Hunt, Nathaniel Leeson, and Stephanie Wilbert

Call 216.264.9680 for reservations, and visit Talespinner on the web at talespinnerchildrenstheatre.org

The cast of The Tale of the Name of the Tree with director, Alison Garrigan, at Gordon Square Arts Day.

At-TEN-tion Span: Final Weekend

The final weekend of At-TEN-tion Span is upon us. Tickets are $10 Thursday and $15 Friday and Saturday.

Here's what the reviews have said:

"Each of these plays is intense, earnest and thought-provoking...For me, the pieces that offer the most personal disclosures with the best acting performances are the most desirable and rewarding.

They include...Jeremy Paul’s “The Refrain,” which offers overlapping, intertwining, and occasionally interrupting reflections on illness as delivered by Ray Caspio, Jenni Messner, and Adam Seeholzer..."
Bob Abelman, The News Herald

"...you’ll walk out from At-TEN-tion Span with your senses tweaked and your perspectives altered."Christine Howey, Rave and Pan

To get your tickets, call (216) 631-2727 x. 501 or head on over to cptonline.org.

Lauren B. Smith, Ray Caspio, Amy Schwabauer, and Jeremy Paul in Renee Schilling's "To Fasten Your Seatbelt..." Image design by Ray Caspio.

At-TEN-tion Span

This Thursday, At-TEN-tion Span premieres at Cleveland Public Theatre! The three scenes I'm in were originally created for a directing class at CPT back in November/December, and I've been working on the pieces since their inception. I'm so excited and proud that the scenes have come this far and that we get an audience for them!

At-TEN-tion Span runs January 19th through February 4th at 7:30pm.

$10 Thursday and Monday
$15 Friday and Saturday

For tickets and more information visit www.cptonline.org or call the box office at (216) 631-2727

A CPT favorite from the past, the 10-minute play series returns! The 2012 At-TEN-tion Span will be made up entirely of devised works created by local artists. The nine plays in At-TEN-tion Span will explore different themes of politics, love and personal struggle in innovative ways. And the next piece is only moments away! GET EXCITED & BE WARNED: you will have to move your chair during the evening. Don’t forget that every Friday is FREE BEER (or other beverage of your choice) FRIDAY; on Free Beer Fridays, we invite the audience to mingle with the cast and crew after the show while enjoying a drink on us.
At-TEN-tion Span 2012 includes:
The Refrain
by Jeremy Paul
performed by Ray Caspio, Jenni Messner, Adam Seeholzer
by Chris Seibert
performed by Faye Hargate, Darius Stubbs
Crash Project
by Pandora Robertson
performed by Ray Caspio, Lauren Joy Fraley, Caitlin Lewins, Adam Seeholzer
To Fasten Your Seatbelt...
by Renee Schilling
performed by Ray Caspio, Jeremy Paul, Amy Schwabauer, Lauren B. Smith
El Beth-el
by Darius Stubbs
performed by Dionne D. Atchison, Steven Schuerger, Darius Stubbs
by Simone Barros
performed by Simone Barros, Jeremy Paul, Adam Seeholzer
The Three Musketeers
by Doug Snyder
performed by Lauren Joy Fraley, Caitlin Lewins, Lauren B. Smith
If I Lie
by Chris Seibert
performed by Molly Andrews-Hinders, Amy Schwabauer, Adam Seeholzer
How to...
by Raymond Bobgan
performed by the full At-TEN-tion Span cast

Do to the nature of this production this show is NOT handicap accessible.

Erato and Luigi: Pandemonium 2011

Saturday, September 10th, the great artist Erato from The Excavation was revived by Theater Ninjas in a new setting: Cleveland Public Theatre's Pandemonium! This time, Erato was accopanied by his assistant and familiar, Luigi (Ryan Lucas). Luigi helped Erato put THE Pan in Pandemonium!

From far away lands your balloon will blow/Bring Pan to his party, Erato/Set his goat god powers free/Through your familiar, Luigi

We had a blast doing our show and improv-ing for a solid two hours with the Pandemoaners!

Cool Cleveland wrote a feature on Pandemonium, which shows a photo of me as Erato, and they also took video! Erato and Luigi begins at 55 seconds in. I love embodying him and would enjoy more opportunities to do so!

Erato and Luigi
Produced by Theater Ninjas
Directed by Jeremy Paul
Ray Caspio as Erato
Ryan Lucas as Luigi and Pan

WKYC Channel 3's Profile on 78th Street Studios & Theater Ninjas

WKYC Channel 3 did a profile on 78th Street Studios and Theater Ninjas. 78th Street Studios is the home of Theater Ninjas' The Excavation. Take a look at the video to learn more about the subjects, as well as brief glimpses of me in action as Erato!

The Excavation continues this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. To reserve tickets, call (216) 245-3514 or purchase online: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/164126 

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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