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In the Adorable Fur

Available as prints, clothing, iPhone & iPad cases:

Reruns of the 1960s Batman TV series introduced me to not only the Batman mythos, but the joy of balls-out camp, pop art, and the ethereal being that is/was Eartha Kitt: my favorite Catwoman. The way she smilingly spat or slinked her lines while heating up the screen enraptured me. She brought an energy to the show that was a complete change from Julie Newmar. She brought danger.

Beyond Catwoman, I find her to be a fascinating performer; the type that rarely exists in our culture anymore. She's hard for me to write about because her work is unclassifiable in its originality. What I'll say is that she and the performances she left behind are complex and thrilling, and her soul baring bravery is inspiring.

Personal Pet Portraits

"I just had to tell you how much I LOVE the portrait you drew...I almost cried when I opened it. You captured them perfectly. It's not just a pix of Bichons, but a picture of MY Bichons!...It's as if you knew them. You truly captured their spirit and everything unique about them." – L.N.

"OMG! Ray I love the portrait...Thank you so much for capturing the personality of my favorite kitty!" – V.S.

Lately, I've had a number of requests for pet portraits, which have been such a blast to do, I'm going to offer them regularly! Three samples are above. Info is below. E-mail me or use the contact form on the side to get your portrait started!

PENCIL PORTRAITS, 9"x12" Bristol Board
(priced without postage)
One pet: $50
Two pets: $80

You will receive a high resolution file to use for printing however you wish.
One pet, black and white or color: $125
Two pets, black and white or color: $165
More pets: e-mail me!

All I need from you are a description of your pet(s), noting their quirks and habits, and reference photos. Simple! Payment is due before I begin drawing (I accept PayPal or money order) and you'll receive your portrait in two to three weeks!


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