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The Carol Burnett Show & Mama's Family: Bless Our Happy Home

Bless Our Happy Home
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This is my new illustration based on the Family sketches from The Carol Burnett Show and the Mama's Family series. The relationship between Mama and Eunice has fascinated me since childhood so I wanted to explore it a bit in this piece.  I'm finding that a lot of the illustrations I have done or want to do deal with relationships.

On both shows, Thelma Harper (Mama) was played by Vicki Lawrence and Eunice Higgins, Mama's daughter, was played by Carol Burnett. Both women are comedy gods to me. The sketches and series featured Betty White as Ellen, Mama's eldest daughter, and Harvey Korman as Ed Higgins, Eunice's husband.  Check out YouTube for some great classic clips of these two ladies at work!
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background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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