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    The Excavation: Signage

    A sign, featuring my illustration for Theater Ninjas' The Excavation, on display during performances at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

    A comma before an "and" in a list is always satisfying.


    The Excavation at the Cleveland Museum of Art

    Tomorrow night is opening night! I cannot wait to perform this show, and some of my favorite characters (Erato, Maurice, plus some new ones) again! This will be an event you won't want to miss. 

    Illustration by Ray Caspio

    Theater Ninjas' 2011 hit The Excavation has been resurrected as part of The Cleveland Museum of Art's latest exhibit, "The Last Days of Pompeii: Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection."

    Explore this living museum-within-a-museum as zany professors, peaceful gladiators, puritanical performers, ecstatic archaeologists, and rude puppets celebrate the life and death of the famous city that was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. 

    •Performance Days: See The Excavation in the Ames Family Atrium - March 1st performance requires admittance to the CMA MIX event; future performances are free!
    March 1 @ 7pm
    March 20 @ 7pm
    April 12 @ 7pm
    April 28 @ 2pm
    June 12 @ 7pm

    •Ninja Days: Fridays and Sundays, Theater Ninjas are installed within "The Last Days of Pompeii" exhibit. Enhance your exploration of Pompeii through a blend of site-specific performance and interactive story-telling. Fridays (3pm-7pm) and Sundays (12pm-4pm)
    March 8-May 19 (excluding March 29 & 31 and April 12 & 28)
    Admittance to the special exhbit required.
    No regular exhibition tours on Ninja Days.

    Directed and Devised by Jeremy Paul

    Lead Creative Team
    Ray Caspio, Ryan Lucas, Cassie Neumann and Renee Schilling

    Performances Featuring
    Davis Aguila, Ray Caspio, Katelyn Cornelius, Cassie Goldbach, Val Kozlenko, Ryan Lucas, Cassie Neumann, Michael Prosen, Renee Schllling and Lauren B. Smith

    Ninja Days Featuring:
    Davis Aguila, Ray Caspio, Lauren Fraley, Valerie Kilmer, Ryan Lucas, Cassie Neumann and Renee Schilling

    Technical Direction by Chuck Karnak

    The Excavation 1.0 was Created and Performed by
    Ray Caspio, Katelyn Cornelius, Stephanie Ford, Ryan Lucas, Noe Montez, Cassie Neumann, Michael Prosen, Emily Pucell, Renee Schllling, Adam Seeholzer and Lew Wallace

    Special Thanks
    Jon Seydl, Bethany Corriveau, Temple King Productions, Lola Rothmann and Benedictine High School

    Support for Theater Ninjas' project has been provided by the Cleveland Museum of Art's Painting and Drawing Society, Dr. Nancy Clay-Marsteller, Antoinette Miller and Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schubert.


    Dallas: Judith Light as Judith Ryland

    A quick sketch I did tonight of Judith Light as Judith Ryland from TNT's Dallas

    I'm astounded by Judith Light's work on this series and LIVE for her scenes. 



    Commission: Lauren and Sam

    Lauren and Sam were married mid-January in New Orleans. Lauren's brother commissioned me to render a portrait of this good looking couple as a wedding gift! According to Lauren's brother, "I might need to order a larger print of it. They loveddddd it!"

    Are you interested in commissioning me to create a piece for you? I do pencil or full-color digital work, like this one. 
    All the info you need can be found right HERE!



    Commission: Pete and Marley! They're Dogs!

    Here's a pencil portrait of Pete and Marley, two adorable Bichons Frisés I was commissioned to draw as a Christmas gift for their human mom. I love dogs (I have two of my own!), and Pete and Marley's mom loved the drawing!

    "You captured them perfectly. It's not just a pix of Bichons, but a picture of MY Bichons! It's as if you knew them. You truly captured their spirit and everything unique about them. It is a gift I will always treasure."
    – Laura Neumann

    If you'd like a commission of your own, click right HERE for details.