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    "Caspio, who gave an outstanding performance last season in the supporting role in...'The Boys Next Door,' proves he can handle a larger role just as well. He commands the stage when performing, even in the role of a nerdy and unsure math student..."

    Proof closes Sunday, October 18th. For tickets or information, call (440) 954-4634.

    Playing "Hal" in this production has been an amazing experience for me.

    wonder woman: the tv series continues

    Buy prints, posters, and postcards of the illustration at RedBubble:

    Lynda Carter's "The New Adventures of Wonder Woman" television series could comic book form, at least!


    katie's corner starring alexandra billings

    The internet can be a great place.

    I've been lucky enough to "meet" the supernaturally talented stage and television star Alexandra Billings, and get to know her a bit through LiveJournal and Facebook.  It was our mutual love for Liza Minnelli that initially caused us to cross paths in the online world.  Alex's LiveJournal posts are always fascinating.  She's a true teacher, a survivor, and an inspiration, and has expanded my world in so many ways.  She's also given me tons of laughs!  I hope to one day be able to take her Viewpoints class.  In the meantime, I'll absorb, like a sponge, the knowledge she shares through LiveJournal and Facebook.

    Check out Alex's fantastic YouTube channel.  On it, you'll find HILARIOUS Katie's Corner segments (I won't explain them – just watch), which brings us to the illustration I got the urge to start yesterday (Kevenn and I collaborated on the shadows and highlights)!

    Thank you, Alex, for being a part of my life, even if it is only through the internet for now.



    burning river integrated

    Burning River Integrated is a new social media agency launching today in the Northeast Ohio area whose mission is to "utilize new technologies and communications tools to tell our clients stories and help them gain mindshare in the marketplace, and build successful businesses and campaigns.

    [Their] services combine new social media techniques with creative event, media and marketing planning practices to develop winning solutions."

    I designed their logo.

    Check out their blog or Twitter.