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    judy garland

    Judy 11" x 17" Matte Print

    Also available on RedBubble in a variety of prints or shirts!

    Here's my illustration of Judy Garland from her brilliant series, The Judy Garland Show, to celebrate the incredible body of work she left behind upon her death on June 22, 1969:  40 years ago.  Do yourself a favor and check out The Judy Garland Show on DVD to see a true, once-in-a-lifetime genius at work.

    Thanks once again to Kevenn T. Smith for his contribution to this piece with his mastery of light and shadows.  Head on over to to see his work.

    From Television City in Hollywood, Here's JUDY!
    11" x 17"


    liza minnelli: in black

    Here's a variant of this illustration:  Liza Minnelli in her black Halston!


    Liza  Minnelli: In Black
    11" x 17"

    Prints are available for $25.00 each, plus $7.00 shipping. Click here to contact me if you’re interested, or simply click on the contact tab above.

    liza minnelli

    Here's to hoping Liza wins a well-deserved Tony for Liza's at The Palace.... this Sunday!

    I've been fortunate enough to see Liza perform numerous times over the past seven years (seven years as of June 1st!), and she keeps getting better and better.  Every performance is an event.  I've learned so much from Liza about art, acting, and life, and this illustration is one way of thanking her for everything she's given me.

    Thanks to Kevenn T. Smith for helping out with colors.  I could not have done this without his input and expertise.


    Liza Minnelli
    11″ x 17″
    Pencil, Illustrator

    Detail view:


    little edie beale of grey gardens: you ought to be in pictures

    Ought...Pictures 11" x 17" Matte Print

    Available on RedBubble as a t-shirt!

    I happily present my second Little Edie Beale of Grey Gardens illustration:  You Ought to Be In Pictures!

    Detailed view of Edie: