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Wonder Woman Cover Series: No. 27 Light-Fingered Lady

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The newest entry in my Wonder Woman Cover Series is from one of my favorite episodes: Wonder Woman No. 27: Light-Fingered Lady. Diana Prince goes undercover in her black turtleneck and black pants as a thief named "Larcenous" Lil Thaxton to infiltrate a major burglary ring. The episode first aired January 6, 1978 and is notable for many reasons.

One: Lynda Carter gives an exceptionally good acting performance in three roles. She had a chance to do much more than she usually got to do and played it all extremely well. Second: Diana and Steve Trevor kiss for the one and only time in the series – and it's on the cheek! Suffering Sappho! Third: A rare double-spin into the diving suit happens near the beginning of the episode. Fourth: Wonder Woman uses her Unity with Beasts power when she convinces a couple German Shepherds to do her bidding. Fifth: My favorite supporting cast member, the underutilized Saundra Pearl Sharp as Eve, goes undercover as big-time criminal Marge Douglas. Sixth: Christopher Stone guest stars as Lil's love interest. He apparently made the rounds of our female superheroes since he played Jaime Sommers' boyfriend, Chris Williams, in the third season of The Bionic Woman, which was also in 1978.

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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