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"a shapeshifter of an actor" - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Endora: We Are Quicksilver

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Before I go any further, I want to put this out into the Atmospheric Continuum: I desperately want to write and draw a Bewitched comic book. Who owns the rights?

That said...

Halloween's around the corner, and with news of a new Bewitched series coming, I was inspired to draw Endora (Agnes Moorehead) from Bewitched. Here Her Witchly Fabulousness is, floating around the cosmos, ready to zap Derwood with some amazing incantation.

We recently bought a house and I made sure that Bewitched was the first television show I watched here, because it's the first show I ever remember watching. No matter what age I am, Bewitched is a show I can always go back to for comfort and laughs.

My ultimate goal is to do a massive illustration of many (maybe all?) of the major and minor players from Bewitched. Endora brings me one step closer to achieving that goal.

We are quicksilver.
A fleeting shadow, a distant sound.
Our home has no boundaries beyond which we cannot pass.
We live in music, in a flash of color.
We live on the wind and the sparkle of a star!

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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