Ray Caspio

"a shapeshifter of an actor" - Cleveland Plain Dealer

Theater Ninjas Presents "The Excavation"

"..."The Excavation," a performance-art piece by Cleveland's ever-playful Theater Ninjas that demonstrates, to fascinating and wildly entertaining ends, that to know is to know that you'll never know."
Tony Brown, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Join Theater Ninjas as we celebrate the life, death and re-discovery of Pompeii in our original theatrical experience, "The Excavation". Questionable guides will lead you through a labyrinth of exhibits and galleries dedicated to this doomed city. Blending live action, music and visual art, this interactive museum examines the way people reveal more about themselves when digging into the past. 

Directed and devised by Jeremy Paul

Created and Performed by
Ray Caspio, Katelyn Cornelius, Stephanie Ford, Ryan Lucas, Noe Montez, Cassie Neumann, Michael Prosen, Emily Pucell, Renee Schllling, Adam Seeholzer and Lew Wallace.

Joan Hargate, Lauren Sammon, Alex Tapie, Eileen Dorsey, Keith Slaby, David Kowalski, Hilary Aurand, Wes Johansen and Susan Parsley

Brian Straw, Nate Scheible, Jacob Wynne, Jack Smile, Genevieve Gilbert, Shannon Marie Kerrigan, Nick Riley

Theater Ninjas will perform "The Excavation" at the West 78th Street Studios. Contact us at (216) 245-3514 or visit our website at www.theaterninjas.com for more information.

Tickets: $10-$18

April 7 - 23, 2011
Thursday - Saturday @ 8pm
Mondays @ 8pm
Sundays @ 7pm

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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