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I Dream of Jeannie: Coming, Master!

The latest illustration in my Television Series is from I Dream of JeannieComing, Master!

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A few weeks ago, I was given Seasons 1 and 2 of I Dream of Jeannie (Target has some great, inexpensive TV DVD two-packs!).  We've been watching the series and we can't believe how much we're enjoying it!

Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman are perfect as Jeannie and Major Anthony (Tony) Nelson.  Likewise with Hayden Rorke's Col. Dr. Alfred Bellows and Bill Daily's Major Roger Healey.  The writing, especially on Sidney Sheldon's episodes, has proven to be smart and laugh out loud funny.

As a kid, I caught the occasional episode of Jeannie, but I was more of a Bewitched fan then.  Now that I'm older, I appreciate the adult humor and sexiness of I Dream of Jeannie that's woven into every episode.  Jeannie and Tony have a reciprocal loving relationship with neither superior to the other, unlike Darrin and Samantha.  More often than not, Tony laughs at Jeannie's tricks, which is so refreshing for a man on television of that time.  I love the chemistry that Jeannie and Maj. Nelson had.  They're perfect for each other.

My goal with this illustration was to capture the fun and brightness of Jeannie, and show her with the joy that Barbara Eden imbued her with.

I'm going to continue to love the rest of the series and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the prints and t-shirts of this piece!

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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