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The Bionic Woman Season One DVD Giveaway!


This offer ends at 10:00pm Eastern on Tuesday, October 26th!

I have one, count it: ONE extra copy of The Bionic Woman Season One DVD to giveaway! Here's how to get it:

1. Have a United States or Canadian shipping address.
2. Be the first person to go to my Store and buy any two prints.
3. The DVD will be mailed to you, for FREE!, by Priority Mail on the same day as your prints! (Prints are shipped First Class Mail).


You must be the first person to make a purchase. Again: I have ONE copy to giveaway. You'll get two pieces of awesome art PLUS a DVD set valued at $39.98! PLUS, all the art in my store is already marked down to October-December sale prices!

I promise I will update this page the moment I find out the sale is made. If you happen to make your purchase before I'm able to update the site (like, if I'm sleeping or away from home for a few hours), a refund will not be issued. However, you will have my full gratitude for supporting an artist, and some pretty cool art to spruce up your place!

Now hurry up and be the first to buy some art!

The Bionic Woman: Jaime

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