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march of dimes charity auction

I was contacted by a March of Dimes volunteer who asked me, along with several other comic book illustrators, to donate some sketches to raise funds for Be a Hero for Babies Day, which is June 3rd. I sketched Black Canary, Flash, Robin, and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.

The sketches are now up for auction on eBay, so I hope you'll take a look and place a bid (or two, or three, or four) to help the little rugrats!


Other contributing artists include:

Aaron Lopresti, Aaron Sowd,Adam DeKraker, Adi Granov, Al Bigley, Allison Sohn, Andrew Wildman, Angel Gabriele, Arley Tucker, Batton Lash, Bill Maus, Billy Tan, Billy Tucci, Bob Almond, Bob Layton, Brendon & Brian Fraim, Brian Murray, Brian Postman, Cadence Comic Art, Cassandra Lovell, Chad Spilker, Chris Summers, Craig Boldman, Dan Panosian, Dan Parent, Daniel Chon, Dave Simons, David Faught, David Hahn, Derek Furman, Drew Johnson, Ed Benes, Ed Quinby, Fabio Redivo, Frankie Washington, Fred Hembeck, Gary Barker, Gene Espy, Geof Isherwood, Geoffrey Shane, Greg Horn, Greg LaRocque, Greg Moutafis, Greg Woronchak, Guy Davis, Herb Trimpe, Howard Bender, Hugh Vogt, Ian Sokoliwski, Jamal Igle, James Lyle, Javier Lugo, Jay Fotos, Jeff Newman, Jeff Shultz, Jeremy Dale, Jerry Loomis, Jessica Hickman, Jim Mahfood, John McCrea, Joe Singleton, John Johnston, John Watson, Kathleen Webb, Keith Dotson, Ken Branch, Ken Hunt, Khoi Pham, Marc Wolfe, Marc Lewis, Mark Bloodworth, Mark Spears, Matt Maguire, Matt Wagner, Michael Borkowski, Michael Dooney, Michael Munshaw, Mike DeCarlo, Mike Lilly, Mike Vosburg, Mikel Whelan, Nat Jones, Nate Lovett, Nate Taylor, Norm Breyfogle, Paul Gulacy, Randy Emberlin, Ray-Anthony Height, Rich Bonk, Rich Koslowski, Rich Molinelli, Robert Summers, Robt Snyder, Rudy Vasquez, Ryan Sook, Sal Velluto, Scott Christian Sava, Scott Johnson, Sean Forney, Shane Peters, Shaun Ward, Shawn McManus, Sherry McCarty, Stan Goldberg, Stephanie Olivieri, Steve Lieber, Steve Lydic, Todd Nauck, Tom Fleming, Tom Hodges, Travis Bundy, Troy Parke, Uko Smith.

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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