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wonder woman day III

I am participating in Wonder Woman Day once again this year, a benefit supporting two women's domestic violence shelters and a crisis line.  I hope after reading this post and taking a look at the art, you'll hop on over to their site and place some bids on the art that's available!

First, Kevenn T. Smith and I collaborated on an illustration, just like last year!  This one, based on the ABC TV series starring Lynda Carter, has Private Etta Candy (played by Beatrice Colen) and Yeoman Diana Prince (Lynda Carter, of course), who we wanted to make sure were represented in the auction this year.

Etta Figures it Out?
8.5" x 11" on Bristol Board
Ray Caspio:  Pencils
Kevenn T. Smith:  Inks and Colors (Prismacolor)

This is my solo piece.  Wonder Woman often falls prey to cheesecake-y depictions, so I thought I'd turn the tables and supply her with a bevy of beefcake boys - love interests of past and present:  Andros (played by Dack Rambo on the Lynda Carter TV series), Steve Trevor, Beowulf, Tom Tresser/Nemesis, Trevor Barnes, and Hermes.  Think of it as her Mr. Amazon 2008 contest.

Mr. Amazon 2008
11.75" x 8.75" on Bristol Board

background photos by Frank J. Lanza Photography, courtesy of Theater Ninjas
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