I need to create. It’s how I’m wired. I draw. I act. I write. I take pictures. I am the sum of all these elements and refuse to separate them to be more marketable. Kay Thompson once said – which I wholeheartedly believe –

"If you can do one thing artistically, you can do them all.


She also said, “Never trust a woman who wears a Peter Pan collar.” 

My earliest illustrative works include a scene from the opening theme to BEWITCHED (Crayola marker on typing paper), Lynda Carter’s WONDER WOMAN (pencil on scrap paper), and Laverne DeFazio's cursive “L” (ink pen on baby book). I’ve improved over the years; even earned a degree. Check out my portfolio for the recent stuff.
My personality portraits have taken me to the theatrical world in a Playbill.com feature on Valerie Harper. I’ve illustrated and designed posters for Alexandra Billings’ Katie’s Corner Live!, Nina Domingue’s critically acclaimed Ya Mama! at Cleveland Public Theatre, and cabaret acts. I’m ready to partner with you.

Other partners have been The National Organization for Women, Cuyahoga Community College, The Beck Center for the Arts, The Cleveland Area College Consortium, The Press Club of Cleveland, PRevolution, and The Baum Bugle (Production Editor). I’ve drawn pinups and done lettering work for the indie comic So Super Duper. My photos have been published in The Liza Minnelli Scrapbook. My work has been seen on billboards, print advertisements, magazines, books, the web, and found in mailboxes.

Who or what can I draw for you or your event? Do you need someone to promote or host your event as well? When we partner to create your project, you’ll get someone who knows how to bring out the inner life of a character and hold an audience of the viewing variety. You’ll benefit from all of my illustration and acting training. 

As an actor, I’ve worked most often with Theater Ninjas: The Excavation, the lauded and sold out run of Inoculations, Erato & Luigi, and the Cleveland Public Theatre co-production of Monster Play. At Cleveland Public Theatre, I’ve appeared in At-TEN-tion Span ’12 (The Refrain, Crash Project, and To Fasten Your Seatbelt...) and Open Mind Firmament. Additionally, I’ve worked at convergence-continuum in The Miracle at Naples and The Internationalist. I appeared in the short film, Cast Off, which made it to the final round of consideration for the 2012 Nashville Film Festival, an Oscar® qualifying festival. What Makes a Man?, my solo cabaret show, was performed at both PlayhouseSquare and Cleveland Public Theatre’s Pandemonium. This June, see me in Talespinner Children’s Theatre’s production of The Tale of the Name of the Tree.

In August 2012, a plane will take me to Maine to study clowning with Avner Eisenberg and Julie Goell at The Celebration Barn Theater International School for the Performing Arts.

I’m Ray Caspio. I’m a Staunch Creative.